Short list of features that RaveAI can provide for your games or simulations ( to be completed later ):

  • waypoint navigation systemrave-framework6-small
  • A* pathfinding optimized using Quad Tree
  • general optimization using Quad Tree for all kinds of AI query’s
  • auto waypointing on terrain on meshes
  • support and area awareness system for .obj meshes and 3d terrain ( from heightmap image or data submitted)
  • dynamic obstacle avoidance
  • bezier path smoothing
  • NPC sight simulation using raycasting
  • JSON configuration system, JSON FSM for AI scripting
  • script AI using FSM defined in JSON file
  • FSM json has access to whole public API of RaveAI, so you can call whatever methods you need (using built in reflection system)
  • fully ready for Stage3D, Flash Player 11, AIR 3.2
  • 3D engine agnostic, even Stage3D agnostic
  • minimal set of dependencies
  • set of examples and demos in Minko3D engine
  • open source for non-commercial development and developer-friendly licenced for commercial development

for more information or if you want to participate in beta program, please write to: tomas dot vymazal at gmail dot com

For more information, you can check my personal web: http://naotaku.net/myownclonenet/category/blog/

3 comments on “Features
  1. YopSolo says:

    can’t wait to try it 😀

  2. Erik Aronsson says:

    The features list sounds awesome, I’m really looking forward to trying your engine out! Do you think you will release it anytime soon? :)

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