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  1. fengfeng says:

    i’m as3 beginer,need AI example

  2. fengfeng says:

    i’m as3 beginer,need AI example.

    • Hi!
      Thanks for interest in RaveAI! There will be techdemos and source examples available soon.

      By the way arent you a guy who attended Gamedevelopment erasmus university program in Brno, czech republic?

  3. duaich says:

    hi,I’m very interesting at A* pathfinding optimized using Quad Tree.
    Can you give me some help?

    • Hi, what would you like to know in particular? There are some great resources for this topic on the web, just try Google. If you do not find anything, feel free to ask.

  4. dorkbot says:

    This stuff looks great! When will a download be available.

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