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There are many things going on in RaveAI’s development.

At first, there is set of demos and tutorials in the development, each covering particular feature in RaveAI:

  • pathfinding
  • mesh raycasting / sight
  • terrain raycasting
  • agent movement in terrain
  • automatic waypoint grid creation
  • fsm / NPC control
  • … and more

These demos use Minko2 as a rendering engine but there will be port of these demos to Away3D and others engines soon.

New features that are currently in development:

  • preview / editor mode – you can move assets in level and see AI reacting to it
  • AS3 workers support for pathfinding and raycasting

As of current state, there is no public release of RaveAI or its sources, but you can expect them within month or two.

For those who have interest in RaveAI engine and want to access early beta test runs, please contact me via twitter, facebook page or email (tomas dot vymazal at gmail dot com).

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