RaveAI engine web launched

Hello, game developers!

This is first post on official RaveAI engine site. Soon, you will find there everything you need to start developing with RaveAI in AS3!

Short list of features that RaveAI can provide for your games or simulations ( to be completed later ):

  • waypoint navigation system
  • A* pathfinding optimized using Quad Tree
  • general optimization using Quad Tree for all kinds of AI query’s
  • auto waypointing on terrain on meshes
  • support and area awareness system for .obj meshes and 3d terrain ( from heightmap image or data submitted)
  • dynamic obstacle avoidance
  • bezier path smoothing
  • NPC sight simulation using raycasting
  • JSON configuration system, JSON FSM for AI scripting
  • script AI using FSM defined in JSON file
  • FSM json has access to whole public API of RaveAI, so you can call whatever methods you need (using built in reflection system)
  • fully ready for Stage3D, Flash Player 11, AIR 3.2
  • 3D engine agnostic, even Stage3D agnostic
  • minimal set of dependencies
  • set of examples and demos in Minko3D engine
  • open source for non-commercial development and developer-friendly licenced for commercial development

To follow RaveAI, please like http://www.facebook.com/Raveaiengine on Facebook and follow https://twitter.com/myownclone on Twitter.

There is also Youtube channel of RaveAI’s author: http://www.youtube.com/myownclone


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2 comments on “RaveAI engine web launched
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