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June 13, 2012

Hi, my name is Tomas Vymazal. I am using myownclone nickname often.


You can find me on twitter: @myownclone , Facebook: tomas.vymazal, Youtube: myownclone

I am software developer from Czech republic. I specialize in fields of game development, game AI and audio application development. I work as backend developer for one international sw company as my fulltime job.

I am also developer of RaveAI engine – game AI engine for Flash/AIR games. Check out its web here. RaveAI have also its FB page. Sometimes I develop games in Unity3D engine (here). I am also big music fan and partially also musician. You can find my soundcloud profile here. Its is filled with procedural generated content created in one of my applications (Renoise lua plugin) and few manually created songs (i.e here). I am also author of 3rd party Unity AI engine (here). 

This web is supposed to contain developer ideas, presentations of my apps, tips and tricks for sw development and so. But it is not restricted to these topics, so you can find tips for music I like, my thoughts and ideas on different themes. Any idea or thought here is my personal one and is not connected to my employer or products I develop.

My native language is Czech, so my english is not always perfect. It may happen that I will publish posts written in Czech language here too. These posts will have [CZ] prefix.

My skills include these programming languages and environments: C/C++ native app development (win32, POSIX), C# / .NET development, ActionScript 3 and Lua, Bash, HTML5 and Javascript

I specialize in these areas of development: desktop application development, game development, game AI development, music application development, web application development and backend development.

Some projects I worked on: my bachelors thesis (FSM driven self evolving multi agent system) – video on youtube, javascript canvas demos: nbody , wolfenstein like raycasting renderer / engine, godcode dna hunterRaveAI engine (still in development) – early alpha video on youtube, unity3d contest games (here), 3rd party Unity 3D AI engine (link).

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